All about the Heritage Social Club - Ode to Friends

The Heritage Social Club has, over the last six years, received grants in the amount of over $87,000 from the New Horizons for Seniors Program which is a program of the federal government under Canadian Heritage. This program allocates funds in the form of grants to worthy organizations that serve the senior population of Canada in various ways. Part of the program supports organizations in their attempt to maintain safe and comfortable places for seniors to meet for social and recreational activities. With the financial support received the Heritage Club was able to renovate the kitchen, the bathrooms, the cloakroom and the interior of the large reception hall. It also purchased a commercial fridge and stove for for the kitchen and other essential equipment that was needed. More recently, because of the generosity of so many fine folks we were able to redo part of the roof of the building. The grant money, however, would not have been sufficient to cover the costs of all the renovations were it not for the donations that were made in cash and in kind by many members of the club. We would like to thank Canadian Heritage and all the volunteers who contributed their time and energy to making the renovations happen. The club now has a new face and it has become a very popular place not only for activities but also as a place to rent for parties, weddings, and other events.

If you would like to see what has transpired please feel free to drop in any Wednesday, Thursday or Friday afternoon or evening. The club opens at 3PM and you do not need to be a member to drop in for a drink or just to say hello. For additional information or to rent the space see the coordinates at the head of the website.

We would like to thank the following volunteers who made the renovations possible.

For writing all the grant applications: Darlene Gargul

For leading the renovation projects and donating literally hundreds of work hours to these projects: Rudy Neumeyer and Norm Rabideau.

For contributing many many hours of labor to one or more of the renovation projects:

Ken Hum Ross Jackson
Rodney Habberfield Dave Aymotte
Norma Lariviere Jim Lamoureux
Christine Neumayer Ron Rabideau
Albert Allen Earl Flint
Rennie Heible Danny Gagnon
Sue Carle Audrey Habberfield
Tom Fleck Diane Belanger
Alex Miller Sally Warren
Gary Wylie
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