All about the Heritage Social Club

Presently, November 2012, we have 119 members.
1/119th of the building is yours.
You are 1/119th of the team that is building up this clubhouse.
You are needed by 118 other people.
You get a phone call or an e-mail advising you of all functions and events.
You receive an invitation to the Annual General Meeting.
You can vote at the Annual General Meeting.
You can vote in the people who will take care of your 1/119th.
You give that power to the Board Members.
You can have people working for you….for free! (The Board of Directors)
You can run for a Board position. You can help make the decisions.
You are appreciated by the Board of Directors and by other volunteers.
You have a place where you belong.
It's a place where everyone knows your name.
And we're always glad you came.
You are invited to the Members' Appreciation Dinner - no charge.
You are entitled to a discount on rental of the hall.
40% of our members are volunteers.
99% of our volunteers are members, so you can volunteer, too.
With a minimum of 100 members, we maintain our "Club" liquor license.

Ask not what your club can do for you.
Ask what you can do for your Club!!
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